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Emily Dubrawski Art

Bronze Silk Scarves

Bronze Silk Scarves

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These hand-dyed silk scarves are a staple of my wardrobe. I wear them out to dinner, on the trail, on the boat, anywhere and everywhere. Silk is luxurious and tough AF- sultry and durable, great across all seasons and expeditions

In Summer, the scarves can tie around your face to block dust and smoke from your airways, or get dipped into the river and slung across your neck and shoulders for a quick cooldown. Silk provides better UV protection than cotton- and pairs beautifully with SPF to keep your skin healthy.

I have developed dying techniques that concentrate color in certain areas, creating unique and beautiful variances across each piece. It’s a gorgeous, grown-up tie-dye, ready to go any adventure.


Bandana Size: 21.5”

Wild Rag/ Scarf: 35”

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