Cuff Care

Our cuffs are sturdy and built to last for gernerations, but can also break if not cared for and broken in properly. These tips will help you enjoy your wearable work of art forever:

  • Wear:

    The easiest way to wear a cuff is to roll it onto your wrist. Press one end of the cuff deeply into the softest center of your wrist (it’s ok to apply decent pressure, it shouldn’t hurt at all). Then, roll the c-shape of the cuff over the furthest bony part of your wrist. Give it a shake and admire your beautiful bling. 

    This ensures that you do not misshape the cuff, which can cause damage or weaken the metal.

  • Fit:

    Each time you wear the cuff, you can help mold more specifically to your body. 

    Gently warm your cuff with your natural body heat and hands. Then, applying equal pressure on as much of the cuff as possible, gently “hug” it to your wrist. Do this only a time or two each time you wear the cuff, if you force it too fast, you can create pinch zones and weaken the metal. 

  • Polish:

    There is a darkened patina or turquoise inlay in each cuff, to ensure the beauty of this design, be kind to the stones and do not use a polishing cloth directly on the finish. A polishing cloth is included with each cuff and can be used to remove tarnish to the bright silver parts of the cuff as needed. 

My Promise

Each Wearable Work of Art is handmade, therefore there are variations in the texture, stone color, hammering, and fit. My greatest wish is for these pieces to become part of your stories, to ride along on your grand and quiet adventures in life. 

I want you to love your jewelry, if for whatever reason you don’t, please reach out to:


Shipping is hard enough on our earth. We are dedicated to doing as little harm as possible. All shipping materials are recyclable, compostable, & as low-impact as possible. Please recycle or reuse them after consuming.

(Recycled packaging includes: shipping box, tape, shredded cardboard space filler, jewelry box, & stickers. This does not -yet- include the white fluff inside boxes)

Shipping is fulfilled through the USPS First Class Mail. If you would like to include signature upon delivery, please contact us.